The Empowered Church


Can you imagine a world no longer under the power and presence of sin? Only God's redemption makes that thought a reality. 

Although we are currently living in a fallen world, God's redemption is already accomplished through Christ's sacrifice on the cross, but not yet completed. 

In the Bible, we see again and again that God promises to dwell with His people, restore relationships, and put an end to death, mourning and pain. But as we wait for God's redemption to be completed, we should be asking ourselves, "who are we called to be as Christians living in this fallen world?" 

As a part of God's kingdom here on earth, even with the presence of sin, we are called to shape our world to look more like heaven and like our God. Although we can never redeem ourselves, we have a call to action as believers waiting for Christ's return.

Amid navigating a global pandemic, it is easy to isolate, discriminate, and simply ignore those who are vulnerable due to our fear and worry. Still, as children who are redeemed, we are to put aside selfish ambition that perpetuates injustice and act compassionately towards those who are in need.  

Many believe that this call to action only consists of material things, but if we examine God's promise of redemption, we see that it surpasses the materialistic and acknowledges the internal struggles of His people. Looking to God's promise of redemption as our model, we ought to break any cycles of sin that cause pain, oppression, and brokenness.

During this time, we must acknowledge that we have the power in Christ being made in the image of God to shape our current situation. We are to boldly engage with the hope of restoring our relationship with one another while on earth, but also aid and promote the restoration and reconciliation of God's people. 

As bearers of Christ, we should be transformed through the acknowledgment of who He is, so that others may see God in everything we do.