The Empowered Church

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At Christ's core is an unwavering love for community and restoration. He took the time to welcome, speak, encourage, provide, and heal those who came to Him, doing so with eagerness, integrity, passion and compassion even if it meant that His own plans were forfeited. 

Christ often provided for His followers’ physical needs, but, most importantly, addressed the spiritual concerns that could hinder their connection with the Father. His concern for creation’s well-being was not just for the moment, but for eternity, which stirs our hope to continue following His ways and His teachings. 

How we allow Jesus’s teachings to shape our minds will have real effects throughout our communities today. What would it look like if we genuinely engaged those we encounter as Christ did, taking on His core characteristics and maintaining His true posture?

During any storm, we can count on our Lord. He intercedes at the right hand of God on our behalf. As little anointed ones following our Savior, the most vulnerable in our world should be able to count on us to fill in the gap for their needs. While we have genuine needs of our own, maintaining Christ's posture is an exercise that we must continuously practice, believing that following His example will grow us all the more and count towards what truly matters: His glory.  

Embodying the posture of Christ takes true humility, dependence, and vulnerability, but as we do so, we must be confident that Christ is with us as He was with Cleopas and his companion on the road to Emmaus, even when we do not see Him. 

When we go through challenges, the process highlights what we depend on, whether it is God, ourselves, others, or finances. Where we choose to seek security is especially evident in times of uncertainty. Not only does it highlight what we are holding on to, but it also highlights our heart, intention, and what we truly believe.

The hope of Christ is that He is our rescuer. We see in His love for all, that He forfeited His own life to see God’s glory prevail. Are you willing to live out that example?