The Empowered Church

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Caring for the vulnerable is an action that Christ did throughout His ministry, and He took it very seriously. As His followers, taking responsibility for the vulnerable now falls on us.

Many believers may question, "with so much uncertainty in the world, how is this responsibility possible for me?" 

The answer is simple: look to Jesus as your example. As seen in the reading passage, Christ was willing to hold off on His plans to fulfill the Father's. We too should be willing to make room for God's plans, allowing them to have priority. 

We ought to be prepared and ready to serve as the light and salt of the earth no matter our current circumstances. Jesus did not wait for a religious or controlled setting to take action; He acted when He saw a need. For us, during this time, it may mean that our church’s congregation isn’t assembling in a building. But we still ought to work as the church, meeting the needs of the community.

Acknowledging injustice in our world is one thing, but realizing that we have been called to do something about it and taking action is another. There might be opposition, and it could be a bit uncomfortable, but we should pursue Biblical justice nonetheless.

God does not ask you to have it all figured out. He only asks that you posture your spirit towards Him. A postured spirit and heart comes through taking care of the vulnerable and standing up to injustice. It comes through the willingness to use the resources that you have. Perhaps it looks like giving financially, but that is not all. Everything we have can be used as a resource for the kingdom of God. These resources include the tangible and intangible—our time, energy,  possessions, talents, prayers, and money.

God’s kingdom is what unites us all together, no matter our personal demographic. He calls every one of us to care about our brothers and sisters, near and far. Our response as the kingdom should be this: to take action wherever we are, with whatever resources we have, no matter what it takes! 

We hope that by reading this resource you were able to encounter the Holy Spirit and felt inspired to commit in joyful obedience to God’s command to love Him with all your heart and soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. 

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