Becoming A Fulfilled Father


Final Fulfillment

Even with all our best efforts and intentions, the truth is that fulfilled fatherhood only comes through Christ. He does not simply put you on the path to fulfillment – He is the fulfillment.

The proof that your life could be completely fulfilled in Christ was demonstrated on the Cross. Whether you are a grounded father who diligently leads his family toward God or a complete slacker drifting through life, this does not change the finished work Christ has done for you! God loves you, slacker-ness and all. Yet, He wants you to grow.

Be an intentional father. But, do not allow your fulfillment to be completely wrapped up in your parenting. Parenting can become an idol. Chasing contentment by trying to become the perfect father leaves us frustrated and robbed of joy. God is the perfect father, yet his children still disobey.

Nehemiah was constantly seeking God’s favor and grace. This confirms that in any task we undertake we must work for the Lord and not ourselves. We see Nehemiah finding his significance and satisfaction doing the Lord’s will. That’s all.

For us today, contentment, significance and fulfillment rest solely with Christ. It is a daily battle this side of heaven, but it is one Jesus has already won.

As we mend and fortify the walls around our family, let us remember Nehemiah’s path. Lead your children and family from Christ’s victory, not running from your past mistakes or chasing perfection.

Pray. Repent. Plan. Work. Fight. Rest in Christ. Build relationships that glorify the Lord.

Then we become fulfilled fathers. You can live with no regrets. In fact, we wrote a Field Guide for dads called Removing Doubt help dads overcome failure and regret.