Becoming A Fulfilled Father


Sold Out and Serious

Today, focus on your relationship with your children. Is it time for more? More honor, peace, joy, gladness or humility?

Perhaps you have already resolved to do this. You know God is asking for more and you have an initial vision for what that might look like. In your mind, he has built the scaffolding around a strategy and the structure is slowly rising from the ground.

You do not know precisely how and when this may occur, but like Nehemiah had a course altering conversation that day with the King, you also feel the need to have a meaningful conversation with your family about this new vision. You want to pour out your heart and share it. You are just waiting for the right opportunity.

Though resolute, you hear Satan’s whispers. What if my son thinks I’m crazy? What if my wife scoffs at the idea of praying together more frequently? What if my daughter thinks reading the Bible together seems weird? What if I am exposed as a phony? They certainly know my shortcomings.

You want meaningful dialogue. You hope and pray for God’s gracious hand when this conversation takes place. You desire to download your hopes, dreams and goals for the future. You seek a change. Your children will know you are serious and sold out because you will:

  1. Lay out a game plan
  2. Establish a timeframe
  3. Share the workload
  4. Humbly come alongside