Becoming A Fulfilled Father

Day 3 of 8 • This day’s reading


Caring and Compassion

Do we care?

Look around at the Church. Not just your church, but God’s church. Is anything broken? Peer into your community and your country. Do you see any issues?

Consider friends and acquaintances. Review their relationships. Specifically, think about the relationships you observe with husbands and wives, fathers and their children. Do you find any disconnections or misfires? Where is the problem?

More to the point – examine your own family. Is there something that must change for God to be glorified? Is anything weighing on your heart? What work is required, what outcome desired?

We find Nehemiah broken for his family, his nation and himself. The first thing he does? Pray.

Nehemiah takes swift action, he does not sit and wait. Yet he does not immediately dive into plans and solutions. He begins with passionate prayer and personal repentance.

He confesses his sin, the sins of his family and the sins of his nation. He repents for all. He mourns and fasts. Seemingly, this continues for months.

If God has given you a burden – if He has shown you something that needs fixing – take note of Nehemiah:

  1. Because he cared, he asked about his family and people
  2. Upon hearing the answer, he prayed – a lot
  3. He not only asked, he repented


You and I have an innate desire to protect, fix and fortify our families. So did Nehemiah. Let’s follow his lead. We must care enough to inquire, to confess, to confidently go before God’s throne and ask for deliverance.

What prayer do you or your loved ones need you to offer to God? Now is the time.