Becoming A Fulfilled Father


Down and Dirty

Let’s fast forward. You had the initial chat with your child and you are now regularly having more intentional dialogue. Now, you are occasionally talking about things like life, faith and biblical manhood or womanhood. Where might these conversations lead in the future? How could this all play out?

Your compassion and passion for your child will be disarming. This will provide emotional space so you can both take a magnified look at areas that need mending and spots that could be fortified in your relationship.

As you begin some dirty work of healthy but uncomfortable conversations, do not be surprised if you discover that some things you thought were working are not. Conversely, do not be shocked to learn that a few things that you thought were insignificant are making a huge difference.

No matter how grinding, or emotionally painstaking you find the rebuilding and restoration to be, take heart. If God showed us all future discomfort along the road we were to travel, we rarely would take the first step. The discomfort and learning are a key part of the process.

God will carry you through these uncomfortable conversations as he works in and through you. One talk at a time. One day at a time. One brick at a time.

To help you build, you will need help. We all do. Especially when the work is hard. Just as Nehemiah assigned specific sections to rebuild, make sure you enlist the help of others:

  • Your spouse
  • Your child’s coaches or teachers
  • Other fathers

Let them help where needed. The Lord has plans for them too.