Becoming A Fulfilled Father


Fiery and Focused

When building or rebuilding a relationship with your child (or anyone else), you are not likely to experience physical threats along the way. However, there may be detractors and critics, perhaps even in your own home. Sanballat was angry that Nehemiah sought change. He felt threatened by Nehemiah’s vision.

You may have people in your life who actively discourage your new work. Most of the contention actually comes directly from Satan, who wants to steal, kill and destroy. Satan hates your newfound resolve and he will do all he can to derail your efforts.

These attacks may begin as whispers. Seeds of doubt quietly planted as you embark on the path. Then, they escalate. The enemy shouts and clamors wildly, trying desperately to convince you to focus on him instead of the task at hand. This is great news! As the attacks grow, it usually means we are getting closer to the target!

When this opposition arrives, remember:

  1. Stay focused - work with one hand, fight with the other
  2. Recite scripture - in your head, in the mirror and to others
  3. Pray boldly - you definitely will fail if God is not with you

What may have seemed insurmountable to Nehemiah at the onset only took 52 days to complete. Not a long time.

Often, we imagine something as terribly difficult and painful, but when God directs our steps, it can bear fruit quickly and powerfully. The key is to get started. Soon, you will be looking back noticing, “Wow. That was not nearly as tough as I thought it would be!”

Remember, our God will fight for us.