Building a Better Us

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Sex, Romance, and Intimacy

1. Why do you think the conversation about God's plan for sex is so important to be discussed and talked through?

2. How has the world, or the word of God, shaped your view of sex and intimacy?

3. What influences have shaped your view of sex for better or for worse?

4. How can you and your spouse experience intimacy in a deeper way? What are some specific changes you can make to improve intimacy with your spouse?

5. Romance is a critical part of a couple experiencing real intimacy. What are the "romance reducers" in your relationship, and what intentional steps can you take to increase the romance level? 

6. Most of us would say Jesus plays some part in our marriage relationship. What would it look like for you to put Jesus in the center of your marriage? How could you begin to do this?

7. As this series concludes, what has been your biggest take away from these six sessions? What principles or lessons have you most benefited from in your marriage?