Building a Better Us

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The Purpose of Marriage

1. Every marriage is built on something. Take a close look at your marriage blueprints. What would you say your marriage has been built on thus far?

2. What three adjectives would you use to describe your marriage right now?

3. What are you doing to build your marriage right now?

4. You and your spouse are different in many ways. Which differences have you grown to appreciate? Which ones that still bug you do you sense you need to learn to understand?

5. What have you learned from marriage about making sacrifices for someone you love? In what ways is this unnatural for you? 

6. We know that God loves us in spite of our flaws. How does marriage teach us to love in spite of our mate's imperfections?

7. What are some steps you can take this week as individuals and as couples to better build upon oneness in your marriage?