Building a Better Us

Day 5 of 6 • This day’s reading



1. What is the most generous thing that ever happened to you? Maybe someone fixed something in your house or paid your bill . . . Share your story.

2. Why is it important that as Christians, we become outstanding at generosity, what is at stake?

3. Where is God calling you to be (more) generous? Finances, relationships, possessions? Be specific.

4. Emotional generosity is important within your marriage. How frequently do you carry out a thoughtful act that shows your partner you were thinking specifically of him or her?

5. How is generosity both an attitude and an action? What are things that are hindering your generosity? 

6. How does having an attitude of gratitude change the way one lives, especially in respect to living generously?

7. What is one act of generosity you could do collectively as a small group?