GO2020 | ENGAGE: April Week 1 - SHARE

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading



April 10—Heart Posture for Sharing about Jesus


Luke 10:38-42


Whenever we set out to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, we should make sure that we are doing so in the power that we receive from the Holy Spirit. If not, we will likely be doing it in our own strength. This leaves us empty, frustrated, and probably overworked. In today’s Gospel reading, two sisters were engaged with Jesus and were trying to express their love for him. We are told that “Martha was distracted with much serving” (v. 40 ESV). She was busy preparing to accommodate their guests. Mary, on the other hand, had “chosen the good portion” (v. 42). She sat at Jesus’s feet, taking in everything he taught. What she received would be available to her in the moment of need. Which heart posture best describes you in your efforts to share Jesus with others? 


Read today’s Scripture passage. Say or write it out in your own words, considering the following questions:

· What does it say about God?

· What does it say about us?

· Is there a promise to trust?

· Is there a command to obey?

· How will I apply this Scripture to my life?

· Who will I show that I care by sharing this truth?


Now read this week’s memory verse, Romans 15:13. Spend a few minutes working to memorize it.