GO2020 | ENGAGE: April Week 1 - SHARE

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading



April 9—Motivated to Sacrifice


Luke 10:25-37


We stay with the story of the Good Samaritan today. Let’s focus on ministering to our neighbors in order to meet their spiritual needs. The Samaritan bound the wounds of the victim left on the road by pouring oil and wine on them. In Scripture oil often represents the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (seen in the anointing of prophets, priests, and kings) and wine represents the shed blood of Jesus (seen in the instructions regarding Communion beginning at the Last Supper). Think about how you might engage your neighbors so that they, too, can experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit through God’s gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.


Reread the Scripture passage. You’ve now read it two days in a row. Does anything stand out to you differently than it did yesterday? Consider the ENGAGE questions again. Don’t be afraid of the repetition. We learn more about God each time we read and reread his Word.

· What does it say about God?

· What does it say about us?

· Is there a promise to trust?

· Is there a command to obey?

· How will I apply this Scripture to my life?

· Who will I show that I care by sharing this truth?


Now read this week’s memory verse, Romans 15:13. Spend a few minutes working to memorize it.