The Drive


Share the Excitement

Have you ever lost something? Have you ever been lost? If you have ever lost something, you know the hurt of never finding it, and in some cases, the joy that comes when it is found. If you have ever been lost, you know the fear that can set in, and you also know the joy that comes when you realize where you are. 

Think about your own life before you met Jesus. You were lost and did not know what to do. Then one day you surrendered your life to Jesus and a sense of hope and a purpose came over you. You shared that hope and purpose with all of your friends and family. However, somewhere along the way you might say that the excitement and joy of being found has lost its glimmer. 

You may have forgotten all that God has brought you out of. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the things that we have come out of so that we can go back to that moment when we were found.


Today, tell someone about the way God rescued you from the life you were living.