Shift: Gearing Up For Change

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Change does not come easy.

On paper, change may not make sense. To remain where you are is the path of least resistance. To accept your fate and simply remain stagnant is easier.

But it isn’t the path of least resistance that is going to take you to where you need to go.

The saying “God works in mysterious ways” has rang true many times in my life. So many times in my life, I’ve questioned my circumstances. Why is God making me do this? Why are these things happening? All of the circumstances may say it’s impossible, but God is asking you, “When did I become weak? Is there any limit to My power?”

Get in agreement with God. He’s about to shift some things in your favor.

We need to shift from chasing a career to following a calling. We need to shift from wanting frivolous things to wanting a better understanding of our own purpose.

The action of letting go is one that you will be faced with during a major change or break through. You see, we spend a lot of time wearing the same clothes that we’ve been wearing for years. We carry the promise of God that we conceived years ago, not aware that there is about to be a shift! What was is no longer! The person you were, the places you were, you are no longer!

There has been a shift!

God doesn't announce this shift before it’s upon us. He knows that if he announces a period of movement that you and I will pack too much! That we will find an excuse to get out of it. That we will put it off. That we will find a way to drag our feet and stagnate!

Effective living requires being flexible. It involves adapting. Changing. Shifting.

To live is to go through changes. To go through pain and fear and frustration. To be uncertain. To worry.

But through change, you realize where you are isn’t where you’re supposed to be, and you begin the process to get to where you belong!


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