Shift: Gearing Up For Change

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Why do we fear change?

Looking at it from a logical perspective, change can be a very positive thing. It doesn’t have to be negative. Yet when we hear change we often think about the difficult aspects of it. We hear the word “change” and we get nervous. The idea of change stresses us out. The actual process of change keeps us up at night. We, as people, are terrified of change.


Because change is something that presses us out of our comfort zone. Change is something that is destiny-filtered, heart-grown, and faith-built. Change pushes you to do your personal best. Change draws out those who are poised for a new way. Change doesn’t look for a resting place; just the next launching point. Change uses the power invested in the unseen to reinvent what is seen.

To seek out the positivity within change requires faith, and as believers, we know that faith can be hard. 

If it was easy, everyone would be faithful!

But faith and change are both similar in that when things are going well, they’re easy! 

It’s easy to deal with changes that are positive. 

A raise at work is a change that doesn’t take any time to get used to, right? But the promotion and responsibility that may come with that raise often will require you to stretch yourself. The same can be said about faith. When everything is going in your favor, it’s easy to be faithful. Yet, when situations arise that are difficult, faith becomes much harder to carry.

Sometimes change isn’t as big as it seems. We often view change as this GIANT that will destroy everything and throw our lives into a tailspin, disrupting everything and everyone around us.

That isn’t always the case!

Sometimes change is as simple as a shift! A shift is a change in something or an adjustment in the way something is done. When you shift gears in a car, you’re simply moving from one gear to another. When we SHIFT in our pursuit of purpose, we reach our destination.

When I think about times in my life when a shift was required, I think about driving a high-performance sports car with six gears in fourth gear! You still have room to go!

Change. Adjustment. Move. Switch.