Shift: Gearing Up For Change

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The engine is roaring, but with a reservation. The tires scream, locking and unlocking as they fight with the transmission, billowing out white smoke. You’re redlining. You know that it’s time for a shift.

And yet, you decide to hit the brakes.

Too often do we take our foot off of the accelerator and hit the brakes, not realizing that if we had pushed just a little bit further that we would have reached the destination that we set out to reach.

Shifting and stopping are two different things. 

To shift is to analyze a situation, recognize a need for a change, and taking action on it. You don’t always have to swerve. You just need to switch. To shift is to make a minor adjustment, taken in response to obstacles that are coming up along the road. It is through these minor adjustments that we began to unlock the potential that God has in store for us. Nothing that stays the same ever improves; in fact most of the time, it gets worse. You’re either busy growing or busy dying. When you shift, you’re shifting to progress. 

To improve. 

To push forward. 

To grow.

But when you begin to let off of the accelerator and apply the brakes, you are regressing. 

You are stopping. 

You are slowing down. 

You are dying.

But what if all that you have ever prayed for is just around the corner? Would you slow down or would you shift into another gear and speed up? What if your potential is at the corner of your fears and uncertainty? You’ll never know if you stop.

Don’t slow down. Don’t quit. Don’t stop. 

SHIFT into your purpose, and see what God has in store for you.