Shift: Gearing Up For Change

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When you stop and begin to take note of all the change around you, it really puts life into perspective. As you go through changes and transformations, you leave what you were so that you can become what you are.

Think about the butterfly and the caterpillar.

A caterpillar is a wingless creature who spends its entire life eating leaves. Wingless, the caterpillar must live and crawl along the ground. It is an animal that is often overlooked and goes virtually unnoticed. An animal with no form of defense against predators. An animal with no way of escape. Caterpillars are often viewed as thoughtless creatures who don’t serve much purpose. 

They simply exist.

A butterfly is one of the most unique and vibrant creatures on Earth. Butterflies come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They bounce and float through the air gracefully, never having to walk along the ground, never having to scrounge up leaves to eat. They live their life deliberately; their wings providing them with a freedom that the caterpillar could never experience.

Whether you feel like a butterfly or a caterpillar, it doesn’t matter.

The difference between a butterfly and a caterpillar is simple: CHANGE.

Once a caterpillar has reached the next chapter of its life, the caterpillar will hang upside down from a leave or branch and encase itself inside a cocoon. While in this cocoon, the caterpillars body changes. This metamorphosis will forever change the way the caterpillar looks and behaves.

This process is different for every caterpillar. For some, it will take as little as five days. For others, it will take twenty-one days.

Eventually, when the time comes, when the caterpillar is ready, it will emerge from its cocoon as a butterfly.

All it takes is a bit of change. Change takes the broken and makes them whole. Change take the caterpillar of yesterday and turns it into the butterfly of today. You never know what your life will look like in just a short amount of time. The changes that you go through. The ups, the downs, the highs, and the lows are forming you into what God has already planned.

Don’t fear your cocoon. Don’t resist it. The process will lead to progress!