One at a Time: The Jesus Way to Change the World

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One Need at a Time

Who brings a snowman into a nursing home? Lisa did, on the day when she realized her bed-bound friend wouldn’t be able to see the snow. Lisa and her family have been visiting the same woman at the same long-term care facility for years. Her friend, who can’t remember who they are, calls them the church people. She knows they’ll show up for her each week, to do puzzles with her, to talk with her, to help her meet the residents around her, and to remind her that she is loved. Whatever she needs that week, Lisa and her family will be up for the adventure. 

Lisa didn’t intentionally plan to incorporate weekly visits to a nursing home into her everyday life. She began because there was a need—a friend’s mom had a stroke and needed a visitor. But after the first or second time they came, Lisa knew God was leading her there. 

In serving God through visiting the men and women at the home, Lisa has found unspeakable joy and satisfaction. She loves to go back week after week. She’s meeting their needs for friendship, but she’s also experiencing growth and joy through their companionship. She can’t do everything for everyone, but she is learning that God equips her to serve Him one need at a time, just as Jesus did so often during His ministry. Jesus fed a crowd of hungry people, even though most of those people would not truly follow Him beyond that moment. Jesus recognized their need and He provided it. Sometimes changing the world is just that simple. 

Discussion Questions

1. Do you get overwhelmed by the needs you see around you? Does that lead you to action or inaction?

2. How might God be asking you to serve Him through meeting the needs of others?

3. What can you do for one person that you wish you could do for everyone?


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