One at a Time: The Jesus Way to Change the World

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One Dollar at

Why does this business exist? As John and his wife Emily wrestled with that question, they realized God was giving them a tremendous opportunity to impact their team, their community, and far beyond for His glory. Now, instead of buying more stuff or bigger houses, they have a business that gives away 50 percent of its profits—and each team member gets to participate in proactively impacting the world. 

Each dollar the company gives is a doorway into someone’s life. They are directly connected to every person and ministry that benefits. Both the team members and the recipients are impacted. One day, John and one of his team were delivering Christmas gifts to a single mom and her young son. As they talked, they learned the mom had been fired that day. She had a new job lined up, but there would be a month between without any paychecks. Even as they prayed for her, they began lining up ways to care for her during the interim. As they were leaving, John’s team member was humbled and encouraged. “We get to do this,” he marveled.

There have certainly been sacrifices and challenges along the way, but John, Emily, and their team have found the joy that comes from the kind of giving that Jesus spoke about when He observed the widow giving her last coins. They don’t give out of obligation or for attention. They give because God has loved them so faithfully, and they can’t wait to see how His Kingdom will grow when they give one dollar at a time.


Discussion Questions

1. How would you describe your philosophy and practice of generosity?

2. Why do you think your job/role exists? How might God want to use you in your role for His glory?

3. Why do you think Jesus acknowledged the gift the widow gave? What does that say to you about your heart toward giving?