One at a Time: The Jesus Way to Change the World

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One Day at a Time

Eighty-year-old Phyllis has been rocking babies for years. She rocks them on Sunday mornings. She rocks them during Bible studies and support groups and social events during the week. One baby at a time, she holds them while they cry, while they coo, and while they sleep. And while she rocks them, she prays. She sees the world around her, and she knows those babies are going to need peace if they’re going to reflect the light of Christ in the darkness one day. She rocks them and she prays that God will cover them in His grace. She asks Him to bring their parents back week after week, so that they can be filled up and sent out.   

Many relieved parents recognize the effect Phyllis has on their babies, but she will probably never know the full impact of her obedience. She might not know who those babies grow up to be. She won’t know what kind of life transformation their parents will experience while she rocks their babies. But she knows that if they’re going to thrive in Christ, they are going to need time to grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and with men (v. 52). The only way that happens is one day at a time. 

This is how Jesus lived. We only know one story about Jesus from the time He was a baby until He began His public ministry when He was 30 years old. It’s a story about Jesus’ parents finding Him at the temple when He was 12. And then, for all those years, Jesus was simply growing in spiritual and relational depth, one day at a time. Because Phyllis knows how valuable that process is, she lives faithfully, rocking babies so that the parents have one less burden and one more opportunity to grow. 

Discussion Questions

1. What does it mean to grow in wisdom and stature? Can you identify spiritual growth and maturity in your life?

2. Consider some disciplines or practices that could aid in your growth. How can you implement those ideas today?

3. Are there ways you could help others grow? How have you been equipped to serve others?