One at a Time: The Jesus Way to Change the World

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One Conversation at a Time

For many high school-aged Christians like Kavin and Braxton, faith is often lived out one conversation at a time. Both realize they’ve been profoundly impacted that way—whether it’s with their small group as they process through life, faith, and what it looks like to know and follow God, or with leaders who have taken the time to invest in them as young men and followers of Christ. 

It’s only natural for them to approach their own lives in the same way. When he sees his friends struggling or hurting, Braxton asks God to guide him into the most loving and gracious words. When it’s easier for Kavin to ignore or lash out at his young siblings, the Spirit reminds him to choose presence, patience, and kindness. And when God brought them a friend who needed to wrestle through some big questions and doubts, they walked right with him through the process.

As they seek to be faithful and obedient sons of God, He is teaching them how to be available to the people around them, to pray and listen, and to speak His truth to their friends and family. They’re following the example of Jesus, who was always prayerful and intentional with His conversations. When He met the woman at the well, she was alone and full of shame, but through just one conversation, Jesus offered her hope, love, and restoration. Each conversation Jesus had was an invitation to know God better, and that’s what Kavin and Braxton are hoping for, too. 

Discussion Questions

1. How has your faith been impacted through individual conversations? Who has spoken truth into your life?

2. What stands out to you about the conversation Jesus had with the woman at the well?

3. What hinderances keep you from engaging with the people around you in spiritual conversations? Are you too busy? Do you feel nervous about having the right words? Ask God to lead you to trust His Spirit as you try to remove these obstacles.