One at a Time: The Jesus Way to Change the World

Day 2 of 6 • This day’s reading


One Decision at a Time

In the last 15 years, Brett and Anna have walked with more than a thousand couples whose marriages were in crisis. They know a lot about the power of little decisions. Each decision in a marriage has the power to erode or to build. Few marriages crumble because of one moment, but rather after a long series of selfish and thoughtless choices. But Brett and Anna have also seen God rebuild those tattered and broken marriages one selfless and intentional decision at a time. 

Brett and Anna have rejoiced with men and women who realized that they are in control of their own decisions and could choose to submit to God as He transformed them through authentic worship, even if their spouse never changes. They’ve seen men make the decision to love their wives unconditionally and women choose to approach their husbands with respect. In every restored relationship, there’s the decision to confess, repent, forgive, and move forward. 

It’s not just marriages that are impacted by daily decisions. Brett and Anna know that when the Holy Spirit guides our decisions, we’re better equipped to choose between what we want and what is right. Our own feelings will lead us astray, but the Holy Spirit is a faithful and wise Counselor, and He leads us for God’s glory. And our decisions impact and include the people around us. 

In today’s reading, two disciples make a simple decision to follow Jesus and listen to what He has to say. But as soon as Andrew chose to follow Jesus, he made another decision—to bring Peter into that opportunity, too. That decision rippled to more decisions, and ultimately led to the establishment of the Church though God’s work in Peter. Each decision was small, but the impact was enormous. 

Brett and Anna don’t know the full picture. They can’t tell a couple exactly what they should do to save their marriage. But they know how to start—one decision at a time.


Discussion Questions

1. How have you seen the impact of little decisions in your relationships?

2. What do you think is the difference between what you want and what is right? Why is it difficult to distinguish sometimes?

3. What stands out to you about decisions in today’s passage? 

4. Is the Holy Spirit leading you to change some of your daily decisions? What steps can you take to bring Him glory through your choices?