Finding Your Role in God’s Global Plan


Take Your Next Step

Think about people in your life who don’t know Christ. Perhaps you pray regularly for them to come to the Lord.

Now imagine entire people groups that have no followers of Jesus—and no one nearby who can bring them the Good News. These people groups are unreached and unengaged. They typically live in places that are challenging for Gospel messengers to get to and stay in.

But how will they hear the Good News unless someone goes and shares it with them? 

God designed you to play a unique part in His Kingdom. In His extraordinary plan, He’s blessed you with a critical role to help bring the hope of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. 

If the Lord is calling you to go to the unreached and unengaged, tell trusted church leaders so they can help you discern your next steps. Consider enrolling in a missions class like Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. You can also get in touch with a missions agency, and they'll help you begin sorting through your calling.

Even if you’re not called to go to another country or people group, you have a critical part in supporting those who do. Here are some ways you can join in God’s global plan today:

  • Prayer: Schedule a regular time of focused prayer for unreached and unengaged people groups. Consider inviting others to join you.

  • Financial Support: Make a one-time or monthly gift to a missionary or missions agency to help send more Gospel messengers to the nations.

  • Hospitality: Contact a campus ministry or refugee agency in your area to ask about inviting an international student or refugee into your home for a meal.

  • Encourage Global Workers: Send a message of encouragement or an uplifting verse to someone serving in another country. 

When you step into your role, God magnifies your efforts and maximizes your part in His Kingdom.

Guided Prayer

  • Ask the Lord to show you how He wants to use your blessings, resources, and skills to make a greater Kingdom impact for the nations. 

  • What practical step of faith can you commit to right now? Ask the Lord to help you take action today.

  • As you read today's verses, praise God who is worthy to be worshipped by people from every nation, tribe, people, and language.

We hope this Bible reading plan encouraged you!

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