Finding Your Role in God’s Global Plan


Blessed to Be a Blessing

Through Christ, we enjoy immeasurable blessings: salvation, the presence of the Father, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Many of us in the West are also richly blessed with freedom, resources, and opportunities. 

But nearly half the world’s population can’t afford their basic daily needs. In communities across the globe, families struggle to find clean water, adequate healthcare, and quality education for their children. 

In addition to these injustices, billions of people still have no access to the message of the Gospel. And in dozens of countries, followers of Jesus face severe persecution for their faith.

Right now you have access to the internet and to several versions of the Bible. You’re also enjoying the freedom to grow in your faith. Privileges like these are unmatched in many countries around the world.

Our blessings are not meant to be hoarded for our own pleasure and comfort. God gives us gifts of time, health, freedom, resources, and skills to bless others with the hope of the Gospel. We’re meant to use our tremendous blessings to expand His Kingdom and demonstrate the love of Christ to all peoples.

Blessing others can be as simple as offering to help an elderly person load groceries into their car or taking a little extra time to show kindness to a next-door neighbor.

For some, sharing God’s blessings means spreading the Good News to the ends of the earth.

No matter your specific calling, you’re blessed to be a blessing—reaching out to others in love so that all may hear of Jesus Christ and praise His name. 

Guided Prayer

  • Think about your resources, time, skills, and passions. Is there something God has given you that you’ve yet to share with others? 

  • Ask the Lord to show you how He wants you to use your blessings to bless others and advance His Kingdom. What action will you take today in response?

  • As you read through the following verses, ask God to help you bring His blessings to the nations.