Finding Your Role in God’s Global Plan


The Harvest Is Plentiful

Every day, billions of people face challenges and trials without the hope, truth, and peace of Christ. About 300 million still have no Bible available in their own language. Thousands of people groups have no churches and no believers near them to give them the chance to hear the Gospel.

Added to this are the injustices of war, human trafficking, interethnic conflict, environmental degradation, and crushing poverty.

But amid these urgent challenges, you have a message of hope: Jesus Christ offers forgiveness of sins and restoration with the Father. He’s at work bringing peace and wholeness to hurting places.

The Word reminds us that God is the one who draws people to know and follow Christ. He makes the spiritual harvests grow. But He asks His followers to go out and bring the fruit in. Right now, the fields are ripe, ready to be gathered by faithful laborers who will hear the call of the Lord of the harvest (John 4:35–38). 

The good news is that in these days we're witnessing unprecedented growth of the Kingdom. God is doing something miraculous in our generation. In Muslim communities, for example, global workers report that the number of new believers is growing exponentially. Families that once practiced Islam are now worshipping Jesus Christ, and it's happening all across the Muslim world! Entire communities are experiencing social transformation as new believers enter the Kingdom, live by its principles, and reject injustice.

The harvest is now. As you pray for the nations and help send out more laborers, God is answering by turning more and more hearts to the Savior and establishing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Guided Prayer

  • Ask the Lord to raise up more laborers and send them out—for the fields are ripe and ready to be harvested.

  • Pray for the billions of people living in cities and villages beyond the edges of the Kingdom, and pray they will be reached by the message of hope through Jesus Christ.

  • Ask God to show you if there’s anything holding you back from fully participating in His global plan. As you read the following verses, ask the Lord to lead you in confidence and faith to take the next step into your Kingdom role.