Lust is a Savage

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You Left The Door Open

Boundaries. It sounds so restricting, even without context. Our flesh doesn't like boundaries, that's why the simple thought of setting boundaries can make you feel discouraged. But boundaries protect our spirit and our soul from the self-destructive power of lust.

Would you go to sleep or leave your home with your doors and windows wide open? Even in the safest neighborhoods, that is not a wise idea. Although you didn’t deliberately send out invitations to random people, animals of all sizes, and dirt to come into your home, you invited them in by leaving the door open.  

You'll wake up to stolen belongings, gifts, food. Your valuable things will be broken, torn and shattered into pieces. There'll be strangers making themselves at home. Now it is no longer just your home,  but you have roommates and dirt that could take days to clean up. That's what happens when we don't set boundaries in our lives. We invite the spirit of lust to come and steal, kill, and destroy the most important part of us, our spirit and soul. 

We protect lock up our homes and our cars, but we're not as careful with our bodies which houses the spirit of God. In fact, the Bible calls our bodies temples of the Holy Spirit. Until we move out, on the day God calls us back home to Him, we have a responsibility to protect the gift of God in us.

Most of the time we think that we're strong enough to fight against lust so we don't need to set any boundaries. The truth is lust was here before you. Lust has pulled down so many great people from high positions. Our physical strength is no match for lust. Outside of the power of God, no one can withstand its traps. 

We have to set boundaries. 

Boundaries close the door & your pursuit of God keeps the door locked. 

Close the door and lock it.