Lust is a Savage

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When Sin Looks More Enjoyable Than God

Well. The issue is we can see sin. We have a history with sin. The hunger for sin sometimes feels more natural than the hunger for God. If we’re honest, sometimes it feels like it takes more work to be in a relationship with God than in a marriage to sin. 

The truth is, in the beginning it seems like it doesn’t take effort to enjoy sin. But as time goes on and you get deeper and deeper, you’ll begin to see that it only looked easy in the beginning in order to draw you in. Sometimes it feels like lust hides its price so that you won’t really see the cost you’re paying for temporary pleasure. By the time you realize the price you paid, there has been a transaction that takes work to free yourself from. 

The path of righteousness is usually the path that makes us look weak, it’s the path that doesn’t make us “feel good” in the moment. What feels good today, will be called a mistake tomorrow if it gratifies the flesh.  Let's not get distracted by how things look, that's what led to the fall of man. At first, when Adam and Eve saw the tree they knew that it wasn't good to eat. But as Eve began to listen to the enemy, the Bible says in Genesis 3:6 that when Eve saw that it was pleasing to the eyes she ate it and shared it with her husband.

This is why Jesus calls the path of righteousness the "narrow way" (Matthew 7:14), that few find, let alone journey. The price to pay to walk this path is not cheap, but like a woman who has just given birth would testify, the pain of carrying becomes a distant memory in the face of the new life that appears. Likewise, the price of forgoing temporary and immediate pleasures of this life will be long forgotten when we meet our Savior in eternity! To our physical eyes, sin will look better than pursuing God, the goal is to draw close to what we need instead of what we want.