Lust is a Savage

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For some, it all started when you caught a cousin watching porn. 

For another, it all started when you were molested at a young age. 

For someone else, it all started when your insecurities began to think for you.

For others, it started with curiosity and now it feels impossible to walk away.   

But it doesn't have to end this way. 

The Greek word for repent is metanoeo, meaning "to change your mind." That’s the first step to receiving your deliverance. Changing your mind. 

When we were all born, we came out head first and the rest of our body followed. In the same way, in order for our lives to be transformed, we have to give God full access to change our minds. Without renovation of the mind, we will repeat the same mistakes which will cause us to go through the same cycles. 

Lust begins its work on the minds of humanity when we're extremely young. Paul advises Timothy to “flee the evil desires of youth and to pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace”. For Paul to say “flee the desires of youth” instead of the "desires of old age" exposes that lust executes the game plan to frame our minds when we are young and it knows exactly how to market its products to our young minds. This is why Paul tells Timothy to go the other way and pursue righteousness which requires focus. The easiest person to distract is someone without a focus. The easiest person to sidetrack is someone with no aim or pursuit. 

The longer lust is a part of our lives, it gets to a point where we become numb to the damage, and we begin to see lust as a permanent part of us and detachment from it seems impossible. However, you have power to change your mind, and the Lord will give you the strength, day by day, to go the other way. As you pursue "righteousness, faith love, and peace." Don't be surprised nor discouraged by difficulty during your pursuit of Christ. Remember, when you try to rise up, the enemy will give you all of his attention. So in response, give God your full attention.