Open Heaven: 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer



Today marks the last day of our 21-day journey towards an Open Heaven. Heaven is open wide over your life and God is pouring out His blessing, anointing and power on you. But these 21 days are just the beginning of something new. To go the distance, we must have vision for the future!

Success in God’s kingdom begins with a God-inspired vision. As we walk under an Open Heaven, God gives us vision for our lives and for His kingdom. A vision is a picture of where God wants to bring us. It gives us an aim and guide on how we should invest our time and effort, make decisions, and set our priorities. If you want your life to be significant, let it be built around a God-given vision.

We must possess God’s vision in every season of life. As a boy, Joseph, in the Old Testament, was given dreams of greatness. Years later, this dream was fulfilled. Even in his older years, he nurtured a dream of his bones being re-buried in the promised land. In whatever season you’re in right now, or are walking into, ask God for a clear and compelling vision of what He wants to do in and through you!

Vision must be nurtured by focusing on it and declaring it. Vision needs to be kept alive by keeping it at the centre of our attention. When God told Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, he was declaring something that did not seem possible. Abraham had to keep his eyes on the vision and declare it by faith, even though its fulfilment did not come until many years later. Likewise, we must remind ourselves of the vision God has given us and continually declare its fulfilment.

Don’t end these 21 days without a vision from God for your future! Ask Him to give you a vision for your life, family and ministry. Live with great faith and expectation that God will fulfil the vision as you walk under an Open Heaven!

What is the vision you feel God is giving you for your life? Take time to write it down and share it with someone.

What will you start doing to turn that vision into reality?

Dear God, thank You for giving me a vision for the future. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on You and to run wholeheartedly in the direction of Your plans for me, even when it is uncomfortable or difficult. I know You will be faithful in helping me accomplish Your will. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.