Open Heaven: 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer



It is uplifting to hear stories of people such as Abraham and Paul who gave up earthly things to follow Christ and pursue a heavenly reward. It is also sad, however, to read of men such as Gehazi, Judas and Demas with high callings who paid more attention to earth’s treasures and lost much in the process. When we live under an Open Heaven, our perspectives can be renewed and our attention directed towards heaven! Here are a few things we can expect:

We will seek heaven’s treasures and not earth’s. We will begin to see the greater value and worth of heavenly things. We will recognise that God is heaven’s greatest treasure, and begin to invest more of our time, attention and resources into heaven’s agenda. And the more we store up treasure in heaven, the more we grow to love heavenly things, for where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also.

We will move according to heaven’s rhythm. When we follow our own timing and schedules, we tend to mess things up. Abraham went ahead of God’s timing for the promised child and had Ishmael. Instead, the Bible exhorts us to keep in step with the Spirit. Under an Open Heaven, we will become sensitive to God’s timing and seasons for us to act. We can expect moments where we partner with God and He moves on our behalf, at just the right time!

We will align our hearts to doing heaven’s will. In heaven, God’s will is obeyed at once and without question. The angels in heaven serve Him and do His will. As we walk under an Open Heaven and align our hearts to Him, we will experience what the Lord’s prayer says: Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven!

What are some mindsets you hold that are not rooted in a heavenly perspective? Ask God to change those, and turn your heart towards the things of heaven.

What are some beliefs that you’ve held onto, dearly? Ask yourself if they are Biblical, or simply tradition, and allow God to renew your mind.

Dear God, help me to recognise that Your perspective and Your ways are higher than mine. Get rid of my old mindsets, give me a heavenly mindset, and empower me to respond in obedience as You begin to renew my perspective. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.