Open Heaven: 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer



Living under an Open Heaven means walking in the destiny God has for us. For the apostle Paul, heaven opened over him, and in a moment, God turned the course of his life around. He was transformed from a persecutor of Christians to the most prolific missionary of the early church! As you live under an Open Heaven, expect that God will show up, speak, and direct you towards your destiny and calling. 

Walking in our destiny requires us to make intentional decisions. After Saul encountered God, he shared with others the miracle he had experienced, and about the reality of God in his life. He didn’t just hear God speak; he made a decision that took him in the direction of that calling. Choose to make decisions today that will also take you in the direction of the destiny and purpose that God has for you! With each decision, God will make the next step more clear.

Walking in our destiny also requires us to humbly submit our talents to God. For all the bad that Saul did before he encountered God, he was a man with passion and leadership. These were directed towards persecuting the Jews, but after he received a new destiny, he used these talents to build the early church!

Today, you may not have the full roadmap to your destiny, or know clearly the way to get there, but Heaven is already open over your life! Take the next step in obedience to what God has already spoken to you. Surrender your time and talents to Him, and ask Him to lead you to places where these can be used for His kingdom.

What are the things God has already asked you to do? Start doing them, because these are the building blocks to walking in your destiny.

Speak to a close friend or leader about where you feel God is calling you and account to them about what you’re doing to move forward in that calling.

Lord, thank You for the destiny You’ve placed on my life. I choose to surrender my decisions and choices to You. Give me courage to take daily steps to walk in my purpose. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.