Open Heaven: 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer



In this last week of the 21 days, we journey into Living Under an Open Heaven, where we experience the fullness of God’s power and blessing.

Under an Open Heaven, we boldly enter God’s presence with great expectation. We experience a greater revelation of who God is and have more powerful encounters with Him. We access God’s provision of health, joy, and spiritual and natural abundance. Receiving dreams and visions for the future become commonplace. We receive God’s anointing and power just as the apostles did in the New Testament church.

This week, believe that Heaven is open wide over you and let His rich presence and power fill you!


When we think about going on a holiday, we get excited about experiencing new things. We are eager about seeing a whole new world, tasting different cuisines, and enjoying the culture of that place. We get to bask in all these experiences and ensure that nothing deters us from having the full experience. But as much as we enjoy these new places, it cannot compare to experiencing God. He is the one who created us, the universe, and all that is in it! God has given us full and free access to Him and welcomes us to encounter the fullness of who He is.

Living under an Open Heaven means having a right perspective of the One who lives in heaven and opens it over our lives. How we view and understand God affects the way we think and live. How are you seeing God? Do you see Him as bigger than your problems? Do you see him as the One who has the power to touch you? Saul, Stephen, Isaiah and John were all great men of God who saw God for who He is, and whose lives were transformed as a result.

We can also be confident that God never changes. Even if situations have blurred our vision of who God is, the Bible assures us that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The God who parted the Red Sea, provided the children of Israel manna in the desert and raised the dead to life is the same God who can lead you out of impossible situations and heal you. 

Ask God today to give you a fresh revelation of who He is. Turn your eyes towards the Open Heaven, see Him seated in authority on His throne, and stir up your faith and expectation for what He will do!

What perspectives of God have you had that are not in line with what the Bible says? Surrender those to Him, and choose, instead, to see God as His Word says He is!

Write down three things about who God is that you will choose to believe and declare over your life this week.

Dear God, thank You that You reveal Yourself to us, and that we can experience the fullness of who You are. Help me to look past my doubts and unbelief and give me the faith to see You for who You are. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.