[Bible Trek Luke] Luke 4 Kingdom Challenges

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Luke 4 Kingdom Challenges

There are 20 “Luke 4 Kingdom Challenges” listed here that give you many ways to do God’s kingdom work, as Jesus talked about in Luke 4:18-19. Print or copy all 20 Challenges on a piece of paper and then cut the paper into little strips so there is one Kingdom Challenge on each piece. Put all the pieces into a little box. Take one out once or twice a week to see what you can do to share God’s love with someone else!

1. Make a card for someone who is sad. 

2. Eat lunch with someone who needs a friend. 

3. Make breakfast for your mom or dad. 

4. Bake cookies for a neighbor you don’t know. 

5. Play a board game with someone who is lonely. 

6. Encourage a friend who is struggling in school. 

7. Wash some windows for an elderly neighbor. 

8. Make some "Every Day Packs" for the homeless shelter: Get a shoebox-sized plastic box and pack it with a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, disposable razor, and a small towel.

9. With your family, make a tray of sandwiches and take them to the homeless shelter. 

10. Look through your games and puzzles to find some you can take to the thrift store. 

11. Write a thank you note to someone who helps you every day. 

12. Sweep the kitchen before you’re asked. 

13. Take a friend to church. 

14. Make a play date with a toddler to give his/her mom a break. 

15. Invite someone to your house that you know doesn’t have many friends. 

16. Wash the family car without being asked. 

17. Choose someone who doesn’t usually get chosen first for a game. 

18. Take an extra dessert in your lunch for sharing. 

19. Plant some flowers in little pots to give away. 

20. Write a letter to someone who needs encouragement.

Talk to God

"God, thank you for all these things I can do for others to show them your love."