[Bible Trek Luke] Luke 4 Kingdom Challenges

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


A Poor Widow

Again, this is about the heart. Do you give others what you have left or are you really generous? Let’s see what Jesus said about it.

Read the Bible

Jesus is watching rich people put their money into the offering boxes. Then along comes a poor widow (a lady whose husband has died) who drops only a couple of pennies in the box. Because Jesus knows the hearts of the people in the story, he tells his disciples that the widow has put more in the offering box than the rich people! The rich have plenty to give, but give only what they don’t need. The widow gives everything she has.

Think about it

Once again, Jesus shows us how different the kingdom of God is from the natural world. What’s in our hearts is more important to God than what people see on the outside. God honors whatever we give, and measures its worth according to how much it costs us! Even if we only have a little, we can give what we have to God.

Do something about it

Start a “widow’s bank!” Keep your eyes open for pennies, nickels, or dimes wherever you are. Collect them in a jar or bowl. When your “bank” is full, take what you have collected to church for an offering.

Talk to God

“God, make my heart soft as I read these verses, so I can hear your words to me today!”