[Bible Trek Luke] Luke 4 Kingdom Challenges

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Jesus Had Accomplished His Mission!

What is your mission on earth? Jesus accomplished his mission, now you need to fulfill yours. It is a great privilege!

Read the Bible

The disciples have been living and traveling with Jesus for three years, and have seen him do what he said he came to do. Remember in Luke 4:18-19 when Jesus said that he came to proclaim good news to the poor, to heal those who are sick, and to tell people about God? The disciples saw him do miracles, listened to his wise teachings, and watched him die. Now, they stand face to face with him for the last time before he goes back to heaven. Jesus had accomplished his mission!

Think about it

As he was leaving earth, Jesus gave his disciples a big responsibility. He told them that because they saw all these things with their own eyes, they were to do what he had taught them: love and serve people they meet; tell them about God’s love for the world; and share his story everywhere! (You can read about what happened next in the book of Acts in the Bible.) This is our responsibility, too. 

Do something about it

We can live out what we’ve learned from Jesus and help God’s kingdom grow every day! Pray for those who don't know Jesus, talk to them about God's love. But mainly, show with your life that you really love Jesus, by serving others. 

Talk to God

“Jesus, thank you that I could learn your story from the book of Luke. Help me to grow in my relationship with you as I do your kingdom work everywhere, every day!”

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