[Bible Trek Luke] Luke 4 Kingdom Challenges

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The Wicked Renters

Why is it said that the renters in this story were wicked? The worst came out of them, and they only show greed and selfishness, to the point of taking away a life that is so valuable, in order to have temporary things.

Read the Bible

Today’s story is sad. There are people who are taking care of a vineyard that belongs to another owner. When the owner sends one servant after another to the vineyard to get some of the grapes that belong to him, the people refuse to give them any of the grapes that he is owed. They beat the servants and send them away. But the worst happens when the owner sends his own son, and the renters kill him so that they can have the vineyard for themselves!

Think about it

Jesus is talking about himself in this story! Long before Jesus came, God sent special people to tell the world about him, but many didn’t listen. And then, when God sent his own Son, Jesus, the people killed him! A lot of people didn’t know who Jesus was, and they wound up putting him to death. Even today, many people do not recognize that Jesus is God’s Son.

Do something about it

Do you know someone who doesn’t know who Jesus is? Go back to your “FaithBook.” Did you write down the name of someone who doesn’t know Jesus? Pray for them again! Now write down two things you can do to show them Jesus’s love.

Talk to God

“God, thank you for the Bible, where I can learn about you. Help me as I follow Jesus to know him better and better!” 

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