[Bible Trek Luke] Luke 4 Kingdom Challenges

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Jesus Dies on the Cross

Jesus died so that we can live forever with God.

Read the Bible

A group of important men who don't recognize that Jesus was sent by God and think he is just a troublemaker have Jesus arrested. He is taken to two different governmental rulers—Governor Pilate, and King Herod. Neither of them thinks Jesus is a criminal, but the crowd convinces them that Jesus should be killed. Jesus is cruelly nailed to a cross (a common way to execute criminals at that time), and his family and friends watch him die.

Think about it

Why did Jesus have to die? Because Jesus came to show the world how much God loves us! His death was an important part of God’s plan to save us from sin and give us a way to have a relationship with God. It was very hard for Jesus to go through that experience, but think about it: Jesus died so that we can live forever with God. He loves us that much!

Do something about it

Who do you know who needs to hear about Jesus? Check the boxes below that say how you will share the story of Jesus with your friends.

· Read about it in the Bible with them

· Watch a video about Jesus together

· Tell them the story in your own words

· Can you think of another way?

Talk to God

“Thank you, God, for sending Jesus to die for my sins. Help me to tell others about you!”