Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

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The Seed Supplier

Now that you are in a committed relationship with Jesus Christ, understand that you are filled with seeds of greatness on the inside of you. God the Father has empowered you with greatness, influence, and impact. This new relationship you are in will take effort on your part to grow, learn, and understand all you’re called and created to be. In this new relationship with Jesus Christ, there will need to be adjustments in your daily life that reflect that you are in a committed relationship with him.

Similar to how married people wear wedding rings to publicly display their marriage covenant before God, your inward and outward actions should reflect the true light of Christ.  As you develop in this new real relationship aim to daily communicate with Jesus in prayer. Additionally, make it a priority to read God’s promised words of direction and blessing for your life.  God’s word reveals the seeds of greatness God has placed inside each of His children.

Being in a relationship with Jesus brings forth the great purpose and plan God has for you. Your relationship with Jesus and the action steps you’ll take in progression with prayer, obedience, and the reading of his Word will bring forth the fruit-filled seeds already placed in you for greatness.  Accepting Jesus as your personal LORD and Savior was only the beginning not the end, now it’s your job to begin faithfully walking with Jesus.  

The seeds of greatness the LORD has placed on the inside of you will have a God-honoring impact on those within your sphere of influence.  Your faith in Jesus regarding the seeds that are in you will produce fruitful, and fruit-filled results that honor God and bless others.  God has blessed you with impactful seeds,  don’t allow your relationship with Jesus to become stagnant, stale, and stiff. Faithfully shake things up in the confidence of Christ and begin walking in your purpose-filled destiny as a Child of God, Friend of Jesus, and Powerhouse for the Kingdom. 

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Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Looking for a relationship that is sure to last? Are you seeking to build a foundation with someone who compliments your strengths and balances your weaknesses? Look no further, a relationship with Jesus Christ is a life...

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