Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

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When you are in a relationship with Jesus you won’t have to worry if He’ll remain committed to you, because you are Jesus’ top priority. Many people experience a break down in relationships due to broken commitments. But with Jesus he will never break his promise, commitment, or word. Although we might miss the mark and break our promises and commitments with others and God, that doesn’t disqualify us from receiving the promises, and love from Our Savior.  Even when we mess up, or fall short Jesus will not break commitment with us but in His love for us He restores our relationship with Him.  For example Peter was one of Jesus’ disciples during his ministry. Peter witnessed what a relationship with Jesus produced in His life and the lives of others. Peter experienced several breathtaking experiences in the presence of Jesus.  But even in the most unforgettable experiences with Jesus, Peter denied Christ and commitment was broken. Jesus was seized and taken to Caiaphas, the high priest and Peter was sitting outside the courtyard when two servant girls, and a bystander publicly declared that Peter was in fact in a committed relationship with Jesus, Peter denied not once but three times.  When he denied the third time a rooster crowed and Peter remembered Jesus’ words that confirmed that he would break commitment. Peter wept bitterly in repentance for his denial of Christ.  Even in our mistakes Jesus restores commitment back to us and that is what he did with Peter. Jesus knew Peter’s heart and Jesus knew that Peter loved him.  Scripture reveals that Jesus not only restored the relational commitment of Peter but gave him an assignment to Feed his sheep. To lead, guide and shepherd others into the same loving truth and relationship he had with Jesus Christ. We are also called to do the same.  We are called to share how Jesus never breaks commitment with us although we’ve fallen short. What a great relationship to be in with someone who is totally committed to you, no matter what. When you’re all in with Jesus, Jesus is all in with you. 


Jesus, Thank you for being the center, foundation and head of my life. Thanks for never breaking commitment with me although there are times I’ve broken commitment with you. Thank you for your forgiveness, restoration, and love, AMEN. 

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Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Looking for a relationship that is sure to last? Are you seeking to build a foundation with someone who compliments your strengths and balances your weaknesses? Look no further, a relationship with Jesus Christ is a life...

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