Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

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A Breathtaking Experience 

It seems that when people are in new relationships they are so excited and enthralled with one another. Those feelings of enjoyment prompt them to enthusiastically share the highlights of their relationship with anyone who’ll listen. This is how it is when one begins a new relationship with Jesus Christ. When you invite Jesus Christ into your life a real relationship begins that is filled with an enthusiasm like no other. You’ll be excited to share your life changing experience with Jesus, with anyone who is willing to listen and you’ll care less of the opinions of others. Past relationships might’ve not turned out the way you expected but your relationship with Jesus will exceed your expectations. Although past mistakes are in the forefront of people’s minds and the residue of dishonorable choices try to define you, it is a blessing to know that your identity is in Christ alone. Being in a real relationship with Jesus Christ will cause people around you to witness His impactful presence in your life  and they will want to know what changed and how they can experience the same life changing event. This is similar to what happened in scripture with the woman at the well with Jesus.  Jesus took interest in her and didn’t discriminate his love for her based on her outer appearance, status and what others base their “list” on in order to pursue a relationship. Jesus wanted a relationship with her. Although the Samaritan woman had relationships that left her thirsty and never satisfied, Jesus extended the invitation to be in a committed relationship with her that would eternally quench her thirst with continuous flowing water. After her life changing experience with Jesus, the woman left behind what was used to temporarily satisfy her in the past, and took Jesus at his word faithfully telling people about her new relationship.  The Samaritan people in her city believed and trusted in this breathtaking experience of new love the woman testified to. This is the same for you, when you accept Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and Savior you’ll experience a breathtaking experience that cannot be contained. Allow your new relationship with Jesus to bless others in your actions and testimony. 


LORD, Jesus thank you for every breathtaking experience you’ve created in my life. Thank you for showing me who I am in you, AMEN. 

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Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Looking for a relationship that is sure to last? Are you seeking to build a foundation with someone who compliments your strengths and balances your weaknesses? Look no further, a relationship with Jesus Christ is a life...

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