Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

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Guaranteed Word

When you are in a relationship with Jesus Christ you’ll experience the guaranteed fulfillment of every one of His words.  The words of Jesus are honest, sure, irrevocable, and true. Jesus will not lie to you. During your relational walk with Jesus you might experience seasons where you don’t physically see the instantaneous results of Jesus’ words manifesting in your life. Those silent seasons don’t mean change hasn’t happened but it is important to not get discouraged.  Faithfully walk in courage knowing that the promises of Jesus regarding every area of your life will produce a fruitful harvest. You’ve probably been in a relationship and someone you cared about didn’t keep their promises made to you. This  doesn’t mean that the person is a horrible individual because things do happen, but with Jesus Christ you’ll never have to worry about broken promises because His words are always guaranteed.  Jesus keeps His word when he lovingly corrects, guides, protects , vindicates, promotes, covers, and provides for you. What Jesus says about a situation will happen. In scripture we read about how early one morning when Jesus was coming back into the city, he was hungry and saw a fig tree on the side of the road. Jesus went to the fig tree and found nothing but leaves on it. Jesus said to it, “Never again will fruit come from you.” And when Jesus declared this statement what he said manifested and the fig tree withered. The disciples witnessed the power of his words and asked “How was it that the fig tree has withered away all at once?” Jesus told the disciples that “if you have faith and don’t doubt or allow yourself to be drawn in two directions, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen [if God wills it]. Jesus keeps his word in His relationship with us, and Jesus keeps His word in guiding us to boldly speak to situations that are not fruitful to our relationship with Him, and in our God-honoring relationships and God-honoring goals.  We shouldn’t doubt what Jesus says about his love for us and his plan for our lives.  Our aim should always be to believe that Jesus’s words are filled with powerful promises that are guaranteed, irrevocable, and irreversible. 

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Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have

Looking for a relationship that is sure to last? Are you seeking to build a foundation with someone who compliments your strengths and balances your weaknesses? Look no further, a relationship with Jesus Christ is a life...

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