Jesus, The Realest Relationship You'll Ever Have



Interest & Invitation 

Most relationships begin when someone is interested in another person and a mutual connection is made.  People who are interested in one another tend to take time observing, and learning about the one who’s caught their eye. The interested person might elect to sit quietly by their “crush”, or ask mutual friends, coworkers, or classmates about their interests.  When the necessary information is gathered, the interested person now has the resources to begin a conversation, but in order for a mutual connection to develop from initial contact, the “crush” must accept the invitation from the interested person. If the invitation of interest is rejected, then the connection will most likely not happen anytime soon. Hearing stories of how God-honoring married couples first met is absolutely beautiful. Especially when a couple shares how their efforts were rejected in the beginning of the initial meeting phase, but after much persistence, patience, and prayer a lifelong relationship was developed.  Although some people have experienced challenging relationships that changed their lives, accepting the invitation to be in relationship with  Jesus Christ, The King of Kings is the realest relationship anyone will ever be in.  Although you might not think you’re ready to jump into something serious with the fear of being let down,  rest assured that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you, he won’t invalidate, mistreat, disregard, or misuse you. Jesus wants to be your Friend, Example, Protector, Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer, Burden Bearer, and Provider.  Jesus is not concerned about your past or present inadequacies, He wants to lovingly transform every area and aspect of your life.  Jesus has been interested in you before you were ever interested in Him.  You caught his eye long ago, and He died on the Cross for your sins because of his great love for you. Jesus is knocking at your door. Invite him in because when you accept His invitation of interest it will change the trajectory of your life, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. 


Jesus, Thank you for taking interest in me and Thank you for being my Savior, Redeemer, and Deliverer. LORD, JESUS, I declare that you are the LORD. I invite you in my life and I receive you as my personal LORD and Savior. Thank you for forgiving my sins. Thank you LORD for covering me daily in your love. In Jesus Name. Amen