A Road Warrior’s Guide To Spiritual Discipline

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading




I found myself in a deep conversation with a homeless woman after a busy day of travel and meetings.  I wanted to get back to my hotel, but my encounter required I apply the brakes and place God front and center.  For that thirty-minute conversation and a while afterward, I experienced the joy of having shifted my focus from my tightly wound world to something much bigger and God-centered. 

I exercised patience and compassion I didn’t realize I had after a busy day, and I suddenly felt more closely in step with God.  I also realized I wanted to do this more often.  It dawned on me that establishing some kind of spiritual focus for each of my trips might not only bring spiritual purpose to my travel, but also multiply opportunities to minister – while drawing me closer to God as I purposefully set my heart and mind on Him. 

My first conscious attempt to do this was choosing to serve those who typically served me along the path on a trip.  Road Warriors are constantly served while away.  By turning the tables and becoming the servant, I ended up in conversations I would never have had, and it helped me establish a God-centered mindset.  I wasn’t without failure and found myself hitting reset, but with prayer and focus, my time away became an opportunity to grow and reflect on God.

Try starting your trip with a spiritual focus.  For example, establish one of the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5 (patience, kindness, gentleness) as a goal, and include it in your day-1 prayer.  And pick a Bible Plan for the trip that is consistent with your focus like EA McQuitty’s Toolbox Plan in this Road Warrior’s Series.  You’ll not only draw closer to God while away by setting your heart and mind on Him, but you’ll impact lives for Him while away.  Then download about it upon your return with your prayer partner.