A Road Warrior’s Guide To Spiritual Discipline

Day 5 of 5 • This day’s reading


A friend compared returning from a business trip to a space vessel re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and landing or splashing down.  High velocity, speed, heat, and two worlds intersecting make atmospheric re-entry one of the most dangerous segments of the mission.  The vessel must hit at the perfect angle and speed and ultimately slow down to land. 

When a Road Warrior returns, two worlds intersect.  The traveler is in solo mode and slowing down.  The person at home has been in a more normal routine, although oftentimes managing a household alone.  It’s usually day’s end, and a growling stomach with the element of stress makes perfect ingredients for a collision.

It’s difficult to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes, but this is a critical moment for you and your loved ones to try.  The process of reintegration requires selflessness, empathy, patience, and good communication to engineer a full return to the role God intended for you within the family unit. 

In order to do this effectively, try to set work on the back burner and connect with God in prayer on your way home.  Walk through the door with your spiritual focus front of mind and ready to give of yourself. Give your family your full attention.  Upload and download once you have had time to settle.  Discuss how your spiritual focus on the trip played out and how God answered your day 1 prayers.  Share the challenges you faced as well. Invite one another into each other’s lives.  

The objective of intentional reentry is to sensitively reconnect and reintegrate.  Keeping your worlds connected before and during your journey will make this final step less onerous.  This along with the other 4 disciplines in this Bible Plan series lay a solid foundation to undergird Road Warriors to face the challenges the road presents with strong spiritual footing, and ultimately, to return stronger.