A Road Warrior’s Guide To Spiritual Discipline

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Road Warriors have a different rhythm while away.  They eat, work, exercise, and sleep in different places.  Travel removes them from their home routine and elevates their pace in a changed environment.  Maintaining the critical disciplines of devotion and prayer against this backdrop is difficult. 

Still, travelers ultimately build routine into their time away. It’s essential to ensure devotion and prayer remain an integral part of that routine in pursuit of closeness with God.  That time-slot and favorite chair in the family room or on the back porch must be replaced by something else.  Creating specific times and places in your calendar for devotion and prayer on the road is essential. 

Some of David’s best-known Psalms were likely written while he was alone in exile, fleeing from King Saul.  He kept the prayer discipline alive, and he stayed near to God. Jesus Himself set aside time for rest and communication with the Father as He traveled and ministered.  Establishing discipline around prayer and devotion while away is fundamental to staying on track spiritually and requires thoughtful planning and time management. 

While unpacking, pick a devotional spot like that solo chair near the window in your hotel and make it comfortable.  It could even be a cozy space in the hotel common areas, or a park bench nearby.  Also, consider picking out a Bible Plan in advance that is consistent with your spiritual focus for the trip, and set an alarm for additional prayer during the day.  These disciplines will help you stay attuned to God throughout your time away. 

Maintaining prayer and devotional time amidst busy travel requires planning, but it is well worth the effort.  By setting your heart and mind on God in this way, you will more easily maintain your spiritual focus, invite God along as you push through your day, help fill the void of community, and ultimately return stronger.