A Road Warrior’s Guide To Spiritual Discipline

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I drove to the airport a little too close to departure and rushed to my flight. The next 2.5 days consisted of wall to wall meetings and constant activity in-between.  I squeezed too much into a short time-slot to minimize time away. Upon returning it occurred to me how intently I had focused on my work, and not so much on God.  He felt distant.  I sensed I had veered somewhat off course spiritually. 

Solo travel presents unique challenges. What awaits Road Warriors is a hectic pace and a void of the family and community that keep us grounded at home. Facing this without solid spiritual footing leaves travelers feeling isolated and vulnerable. 

The Bible provides a proven roadmap to face these unique challenges and emerge victorious.  The first stop on that map is the powerful discipline of purposeful prayer that sets our hearts and minds on Christ. Purposeful prayer invites God along for the journey, keeps us attuned to Him, and reduces our likelihood of veering off course. 

Throughout the Bible, we experience stories of character after character turning to God in prayer regardless of their circumstances. And we witness Him faithfully lavishing provision, protection, and direction upon his loved Creation.  

God will do the same for you. Before you travel, one of the most effective disciplines you can employ to stay on track is to pray for your journey.  If you can, find a confidant you establish as your “go to” prayer partner and invite this person to read this plan as you do.  If married, your spouse would be a great choice. 

Pray for the challenges you anticipate, for the discipline to keep God your focus, for an awareness of His presence, for spiritual growth, for protection, and whatever God puts on your heart. Praying strengthens your spiritual footing, fosters closeness with God on your journey, raises your awareness of His presence, and ultimately leads to victory.