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The Voice of Condemnation

“Condemnation doesn’t liberate, it oppresses” – Carl Jung

The sea of condemnation was intended to drown you. Condemnation says that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was not great enough to cover your sins. Condemnation says that you are a lost cause and that His promises no longer apply to you. Condemnation says that God cannot and no longer desires to use you. Condemnation tries to drown out the voice of grace so that you will see God through the lens of punishment. Condemnation is a killer of hope, and the Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart grow sick. The end game of condemnation is death. It brings the death of dreams, purpose, and vitality. 

Many confuse condemnation with conviction. Conviction is the knowing sent by God when you have fallen short, to redirect and restore you. Condemnation is sent by the enemy to make you feel like you are doomed with no hope of restoration. The enemy is jealous of your ability to be reconciled with God. He knows that it is an opportunity that he does not have. He wants you to believe that you have the same fate as him. Do not allow him to project his judgment onto you.  You have been restored back to relationship with the Father.  Jesus’ blood was strong enough to cover anything that you could ever do. He paid the price so you would not have to. It was a gift given to you. The very things that you are ashamed of are all things that he can use for His glory. You are not a lost cause. He was intentional when he created you- flaws and all. 


There is no condemnation in you. God, I pray that everyone finds rest in knowing that in your sovereignty you have already provided for their mistakes. Please send an undeniable proof that your hand and love still reside over their lives. As they turn to you, I pray they will be filled with hope and assurance in your plan for their lives. Place in them in an unshakable confidence in you. In Jesus' name, amen.

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