Who Said?

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The Voice of Insecurity

“”We’re going to let the truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us” – Beth Moore

“You are not enough."

“You’ll never measure up."

“Who wants to hear what you have to say?"

This is what a conversation with insecurity sounds like. Insecurity is not a good listener but an excellent talker. Insecurity is the bully in school that uses fear as a way to get people to comply. Insecurity is constantly looking at others and playing the comparison game. Insecurity is that rain that only shows up to parades. Insecurity can’t see the positive in anything, but is a connoisseur of negativity. Insecurity talks from sun up to sun down. Insecurity speaks in a high-pitched voice that is virtually impossible to ignore. Insecurity is the houseguest you cannot just hope will leave but one you have to put out. Insecurity is a thief of purpose, a murderer of confidence, and a destroyer of peace. 

Pride will cause you to act as if you have it all together and suppress those feelings that are speaking loudly on the inside. It takes courage to confront the unfavorable parts of yourself. The voice of insecurity wants you to believe you are a pauper when you are really a child of the King. The only power insecurity has is when you lend it an ear. Everyone has insecurities, so you are not alone, but you must decide what you are going to do about it. Some insecurities run deep, and evicting them may call for reinforcement, such as a therapist, coach, friend, or pastor. Surround yourself with people who will help you expel these voices, and do not reinforce them. You are royalty. You were handpicked and designed. You are an extension of the heart of God. There is no one like you. 


God, I pray that your love overtakes them. I pray that they see the value that you assigned to their lives. I come against every thought or voice that tries to exalt itself over yours. I pray that they walk in a new revelation of their identity through you. In Jesus' name, amen.

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Who Said?

With so many voices present in our lives on a daily basis, it can become difficult to decipher whose voice we are actually hearing. We have to learn to silence any voice that speaks contrary to the voice of God. In this ...

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