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The Voice of Procrastination

“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again” – Benjamin Franklin

What would you try to accomplish if you knew you only had 365 days left to live? What opportunities would you embark on? What places would you travel? What projects would you complete? What words would you speak? Would you live your life with more intentionality? Most would have a laundry list of answers to those questions but live life daily with the unfounded assurance of time. Procrastination is a prideful response to the unknown allotment of time that God has given us. Procrastination is the antithesis to purpose. Purpose says to move, and procrastination says maybe later. Purpose says you can, and procrastination says you can’t right now. Purpose says get up, and procrastination says hit the snooze a couple more times. Purpose says God knows, and procrastination says you know better. Procrastination is simply the way the enemy uses you against you. He knows that he cannot stop what God has purposed for your life but he tries to get you to abort it. The danger of procrastination is that it is insatiable. It always wants more time. You can wake up 20 years down the road and still be sitting on an idea you only intended to snooze for a month. Procrastination is that houseguest that never plans on leaving. Procrastination is fueled by different emotions (fear, shame, unworthiness, weariness, etc.), but whatever the root , it must be pulled up. You have work to do. You are the solution to a problem. You are the answer to an important question. The world needs you. God needs you.


Dear Abba,

Just as a parent, I pray that you open the doors of their spirits and tell them it’s time to wake up. I pray that every excuse and the root of that excuse be plucked up and discarded. I pray for a new fervency to rise in them to do what you have commissioned them to do. I declare fruitfulness in areas that were barren, because they will now put their hands to the plow.

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Who Said?

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